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    A 20-Ton or 25-Ton chiller or freezer is a large refrigerated trailer used for transporting perishable goods at low temperatures. The term “20-Ton, 25-Ton” refers to the vehicle’s carrying capacity, which is typically measured in tons. These vehicles are commonly used in the food industry to transport products such as fresh produce, meats, dairy, and frozen goods. They are equipped with refrigeration systems that can maintain a consistent temperature inside the vehicle, ensuring that the goods remain fresh and safe for consumption during transport.

    These vehicles are often used for long-distance transport and are essential for ensuring the availability of fresh produce and other perishable goods in markets around the world. The trailers can maintain temperature up to (-25°C) degrees and contains Partition or Dividers within the box to transport chiller and frozen goods at the same time.

    Quick Information

    • 20-Ton & 25-Ton.
    • Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly rental.
    • Can be opted with a driver only (Bilingual driver with knowledge of all roads).
    • Mercedes, Volvo, MAN & Tata models.
    • Services available all over the U.A.E & G.C.C.
    • Contains Dubai Municipality Card (DM Card) for transportation of consumable goods.